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Exam results

Exam results June 2019

100% passed. 99% of entrants gaining distinction.
All 5 students that took Grade 2 Ballet and all 3 students that took grade 5 ballet qualified for the Southern Classical finals receiving distinction marks up to 92%.

Exam results

Exam results June 2017

100% passed. 90% gaining over 80 marks up to 94% was achieved
All 5 students that took Grade 3 Ballet qualified for the Southern Classical finals receiving Distinction marks up to 88%.
All 3 Grade 4 Taps also qualified for the Theatre finals receiving Distinctiion up to 87%.

Ballet exams

8 pupils out of 12 in the recent Ballet exams were elligible to be entered for the Southern Ballet awards in October. Grades taken from Grade 2 to Intermediate.

Exam results March 2016

28 Distinctions 9 with over 90%.
12 Merits.
14 Highly Commended.
5 Pupils qualified for the Southern Classical Performers Award held in October.
2 Pupils were entered for Intermediate Ballet 1 with Distinction 1 with a high Merit mark.

The school held exams on June 22nd 2013

40 pupils received Distinction/Honours the highest mark was 94%.

The school held exams on 2nd July 2011

The marks were between 80% and 93%.
Well done to all the pupils once again a very high standard.

57 pupils were entered for exams in June for  Ballet,
Tap Freestyle and Musical Theatre.

Once again 100% pass rate was gained with marks between 80% and 91%.
All the pre juvenille Ballet pupils passed with maximums marks 
some only attending 1 term with the majority of them 4yrs old.

4th April for Ballet,Tap and Musical theatre,

12 honours
30 Highly commended
10 commended.

31 pupils took either Ballet, Tap or Musical Theatre

21 Honours
9 Highly Commended
1 Commended
The marks went up as high as 89%

These exams took place in March 2008.

24 Honours
20 Highly Commended
16 Pre Juvenile Ballet pupils were awarded maximum marks
100% pass rate

November 2007

Over 90 pupils took freestyle exams
examined by International Dance Teachers Association.
20 Honours
62 Highly Commended
16 Commended.
100% pass rate.

The results of the last 9 exam sessions.

Pupils were entered for ballet, tap, freestyle and musical theatre through the IDTA exam board.
• 190 honours
• 253 Highly commended
• 92 Commended
• 100% pass rate

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