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New Saturday Stage School

Class Times


Ancells Farm Community Centre

4.10pm to 4.50pm Prep tap and Junior Street Dance
4.50pm to 5.25pm Primary Ballet
7.45pm to 8.45pm Grade 5 Tap
8.00pm to 8.45pm New dance fitness for adults (All ages)
8.45pm to 9.30pm Adult Advanced Tap
8.45 pm to 9.30pm Adult Beginners Tap
9.30pm to 10.00pm Private Singing Lessons


Ancells Farm Community Centre

1.20pm Pre-School Ballet
1.50pm Pre-School Tap

Crookham Memorial Hal

4.10pm to 4.40pm under 5's Ballet
4.40pm to 5.10pm Prep Ballet
5.10pm to 5.30pm Street Dance/Disco for age 3 to 7
5.30pm to 6.15pm Over 8's Street dance


Crookham Memorial Hall

4.10pm to 4.45pm Primary Ballet average age 7yrs to 9yrs
4.45pm to 5.45pm Intermediate Ballet and Pointe Work
4.45pm to 5.15pm Private Singing
5.15pm to 5.45pm Private Singing
5.45pm to 6.30pm Senior Students Street Dance
6.30pm to 7.10pm Senior Students Modern Jazz (3rd Thursday of the month finish at 7.00pm)


Ancells Farm Community Centre

9.10am to 9.40am Private singing
9.40am to 10.25am Adult Ballet
9.30am to 10.00am under 5's Ballet
10.00am to 10.30am under 5's Ballet
10.00am to 10.30am Grade 1 Tap
10.30am to 11.00am Grade 2 Tap
10.30am to 11.00am Prep Tap
10.30am to 11.00am Primary Tap
11.00am to 11.30am 3 classes of Street Dance Infants Juniors and Seniors
11.30am to 12.00pm Grade 4 Modern Jazz
11.30am to 12.00pm Prep Ballet
11.30am to 12.00pm Primary Ballet
12.00pm to 12.40pm Grade 1 Ballet
12.00pm to 12.50pm Musical Theatre age 10 and above
12.00pm to 12.50pm Musical Theatre age 5 and above
12.15pm Limbering and stretching
12.50pm to 1.30pm Drama
12.50pm to 1.30pm Grade 1 Ballet
12.50pm to 1.30pm Grade 3 Ballet
1.30pm to 2.00pm Private Singing Lessons


Church Crookham community centre

9.15am to 10.15am – Drama singing and dance Ages. From 4yrs to 7yrs – £6
10.15am to 10.45am – Pre Juvenile Ballet. From 2yrs 6 months to 4yrs 6 months – £4.50
10.15am to 10.45am – Prep Ballet. From 4yrs 6 months – £4.50
10.45am to 11.15am – Street Dance. From 4yrs to 7yrs